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All Around Home Inspections not only has a background in inspecting and building service, but also has hands on experience in construction.

At All Around Home Inspections, we work for the customer. If you’ve ever done business with a company or an individual, then you know the importance of not only a good quality service, but also a trusting relationship built on hard work, honesty, knowledge and customer service. These are things that you expect above and beyond just the service itself. At All Around Home Inspections we believe that it is our job to make sure that not only do you get a solid and informative inspection report, you also get the personal interest of our inspector in the home we are inspecting for you. True, anyone who calls themselves an inspector may be capable of performing an inspection. Will that individual be there for you if you have questions? Are they courteous during the inspection and offer to answer questions along the way? Your All Around Home inspector is EXPECTED to do this as it is his job to. However he is also EXPECTED to be YOUR home inspector, be YOUR home inspection customer service agent and on top of that…….become YOUR FRIEND! After all, he will be YOUR liaison to the background information about YOUR new HOME!!! Our goal is to do such a stellar job on your inspection that you want to refer us to all of your family and friends when they buy a new home!


What can you expect to see your home inspector do during the inspection? Our inspector has inspected over 5,000 roofs. We make it a point to inspect every roof from the roof top when possible. We continue by inspecting various aspects of the exterior of the home as well as the yard and landscape and its impact on the home. In the inside we start at the front door which is where we also end. How can you get an All Around inspection if we didn’t? We start and finish each individual room, closet, nook, cranny, walls, ceiling, and floors before moving onto the next room. We inspect all readily accessible plumbing and electrical fixtures. Not only do we make sure that the electrical panel is in good condition, we make sure it is in SAFE condition! Afraid it might get too hot in those Kansas summer months? We use our infrared laser thermometer to verify that the A/C functions (weather permitting). As long as there is enough room, we even fully inspect the attic and crawl spaces. This is just a surface scratch of what you can expect to see us do when at the property. For a general outline of what our services include and the tools we use to perform our job, click here to view our home inspection services.



We understand that ordering a home inspection might mean one of the following: 

  • You have made an offer on a home and now have a timeline to get the inspection done to proceed in the purchase
  • You are selling your home and want to know what is in good shape and what needs repaired before putting your home on the market
  • You just want to know the condition of your home
  • Other (other services are noted in the pricing/fees section of our site)

Regardless of your specific reason for ordering a home inspection, we know that you don’t want to wait.  We offer our first available appointment AT ALL TIMES regardless the location of the inspection. We work for you which mean we work around your schedule the best we can. 


We perform home inspections in both Kansas and Missouri, serving areas such as Overland Park, Olathe, Leawood, Shawnee, Prairie Village, Mission, Gardner, Desoto, Raytown, Grandview, Belton, Independence, and Lee’s Summit. However, our inspection services are not limited to just these areas.



At All Around Home inspections we believe that you get what you pay for. Our reports are not your typical 7 page checklist reports. We value your business and your financial commitment to us, therefore in return we provide you with a report that is a detailed and narrative description of your home, outlining not only the areas that may require attention, but positive aspects too. The report will also contain digital photos so you can see exactly what we are referring to and know exactly what we are talking about.



In this new electronic age, we are up to date with the delivery of your report which is available to you through our website. You will get an email from us the day of your inspection which will include a log on name and password to which you can access your personal report from our website. You can give this information to whomever you decide at your leisure.  Your information is password encrypted and safe. A paper or cd copy can be mailed to you upon request, however we know that it is typically more convenient and faster to access over the web. Click here to view a copy of a sample report.


How do you know for sure that All Around Home Inspections is the right inspection service for you? Not all inspectors are certified or licensed. Some don’t even carry insurance! It's no longer required to be licensed in the state of Kansas to be a home inspector, however, you should choose someone who has been or is certified through ASHI. Missouri does not currently require the anyone to be licensed either. As a home buyer or seller, you should make it a point to find out if your inspector is ASHI certified and insured as these may be important to you when determining if an inspector is right for you. You may also want to find out if they are a full-time inspector, or someone who just does it for extra work on the side. All Around Home Inspections is ASHI CERTIFIED and is INSURED. We participate in ASHI’s continuing education programs. This allows us to stay up to date with ever changing building materials, application and installation processes, and new safety requirements. Some professional organizations may not even require their affiliated inspectors to take continuing education. As a full time inspecting service, we at All Around Home Inspections, take our job and our relationships very seriously.

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ASHI # 250482, KAREI # 138